My name is Ariff. What I do is blog about something that matters; it could be a product, an experience, current issues, ideas or even complaints. I believe that it’s not what the story is about that could get people to read a blogger’s content but it’s more of how the story is told. I also believe that professional bloggers create compelling content and good businesspeople create quality product/company.

My achievement so far has been both locally and internationally, in English and in Bahasa Malaysia. While some bloggers focus on a particular segment of the market, I try to cater to as large audience as possible. However, my reader base consists mostly of young professionals.

  • Finalist for Blogging Competition by FamousBloggers.net 2009
  • Second place for Blogging Competition by FamousBloggers.net 2010
  • Successful blogger of Maxis10 Samsung Galaxy S programme 2010
  • Published author at Wptuts+ (since 2011)
  • Guest blogger at Denaihati.com (since 2011)
  • Winner Upcoming Blogger of the Year Award in conjunction with Malaysia Social Media Week 2012
  • .. and last but not least, was featured a bit here and there in the local dailies (Oriental Daily, Berita Harian, NST & Kosmo)

Some reviews that I want to show you: Samsung Galaxy Note, Emirates Business Class on Boeing 777-300ER & Beli Rumah (second place for search term ‘beli rumah’ in Google Search).

Yes, I understand SEO well, well enough that some of my post actually rank on the first page of Google search for that particular search term – one of the reasons why you should collaborate with me.

For further references, get this blog’s analytic data here – Last update: 31 December 2011. Write to me at admin@ariffshah.com or call me at 010-42-353-42. Looking forward to hear from you.

Best regards,