Unit Trust Active Portfolio Management

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Active portfolio management is the answer to better earning and higher satisfaction in your investment.

Services include:

  • Fund recommendation based on current market condition and investment bank research reports.
  • Portfolio review and timely advise for take profit (switching).
  • Constant monitoring.
  • Portfolio rebalancing where required.

This service solves common problem faced by typical unit trust investors:

  1. Don’t know which fund to buy or which region to invest in.
  2. Did not realize profit or don’t know how to identify when / if market reaches peak of the cycle.
  3. Don’t know what to do when trapped in long term down trend market.
  4. Unbalanced portfolio, having wrong weightage on different type of funds/region.

The objective of active portfolio management

  1. Optimize earning potential.
  2. Obtaining a balance of risk exposure for the overall portfolio.

Why us?

  1. We do market research on daily basis, especially when there’s change in macroeconomic factor. E.g. Transition from low interest rate regime to high interest rate.
  2. We are investor as well and investing using same method (cash & Kwsp withdrawal). Our strategy is also our clients’ strategy.
  3. We set our KPI based on how much our clients profit.

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About Money Managers by Ariff Shah

We are obsessed in helping people make money with unit trust products.

We understand there’s a lot of frustration towards the industry for the past decade due to unknowledgeable agents managing people’s money.

We want to change that.

With technology and easier access to information in today’s era, there’s no reason anymore not to be updated with markets and take advantage of the knowledge to have an edge in investing.

We take the middle ground approach after taking into account views of different analysts and industry professionals from different financial institutions.

We hope to be successful in our mission to help our clients meet their financial goals.