Last Day

Tomorrow will be the last day before the examination session starts and I have one coursework that must be submitted tomorrow. If not, I prolly won’t be able to sit for any examination because of that. Based on my progress I’m sure that I won’t be able to finish it by tomorrow.

I slept for only for four hours last night. For somebody who’s used to have a good 6 hours sleep, I’m not used to this. I had to do push ups just so that I could squeeze in more adrenaline to stay up last night. NO, I can’t stay up late at night, unless if I’m doing something thrilling or something that is really interesting. Doing this course work is just not it.

I almost fainted at class just now. Did not really eat much during breakfast, plus I had to walk through a snow storm to class this morning thus feeling really hungry and tired before I could even reach the university. The cold weather can really make you feel hungry. I’m pretty sure I lost some weight this month, although I doubt that whenever I see the not-so-thick layer of fat on my tummy.

Just reached home. Really tired and exhausted. I could use some sleep, but don’t think now is the right time. I can’t continue working since my head is cluttered with lots of things. Yeah, the past couple of days were very grueling indeed. At this rate, what I could really think of is the 5 days break after this Last Day. I still have to prepare for the exams that are coming up, regardless I’m allowed to sit for them or not.

2009 has been very interesting. I started going to the gym this year and ever since that, my confidence level jumped to new heights. I have never been so confident and comfortable of myself all this while. Before this I don’t really check myself out in front of the mirror, now it has been a routine. I feel great (now this is starting to sound so gay).

Okay, let’s not talk about the past too much. Let me share you this two main thing that I’m expecting in 2010.

First and foremost, I’m gonna work out like hell this year. You’ll see. This is a tribute to all the supermodels out there and to the hot girls that admire guys who work out. Sounds corny, but who cares.

Second, I want to save more money. Period.

I have some other things planned but no point of sharing everything here. Yeah, big plans for this blog as well. To be continued in another post.

Ariff Shah: Some essence of HIDUP BERANI UNTUK GAGAL (dare to fail) left.. Btw, security was tight just now at the hostel entrance. The guards were cracking on firecrackers. duh~ We got whole bunch of them hidden somewhere in somebody’s room. Can’t wait to burn them all!!!