How to Install Innity InText Ads – Simplified Version

I’ve written about this before but there are still people who couldn’t seem to get it. My fault for the poor presentation I guess. This time, I’m writing an even simpler approach on installing the Innity InText ads. Hope this will help you guys out there.

  1. First of all, get the usual code for Innity InText Ads from Innity Advenue.
  2. Create a text/html widget on your sidebar.
  3. Paste the code for the Innity InText Ads in the text/html widget. Save it.
  4. Now to call out the ads, just wrap any text in your post like this:
  5. Done! The InText ads will either be visible in the middle of the text wherever the keyword exists or at the end of it. Put it nearby any other links in your post to get maximum click through.

Hope this helps and I hope you could improve your earning with Innity Intext Ads. Good luck!