What Am I Doing In Moscow Actually

All these years, I’ve been wondering what actually I’m doing in Moscow Aviation Institute. The past 3 years covers mostly the core subjects for engineering students apart from the pneumatic and hydraulic subject. Let me try to break down what actually I’m doing for my specialized degree. Yes, I’m graduating as a specialist thus the never-ending years here.

Pneumatic and Hydraulic Subject

These 2 subjects explains the properties of air/liquid under certain conditions, i.e pressure, temperature, etc. Take example, a rocket flying upwards. The fuel, be it liquid or gas have to flow at the correct rate, too much and rocket would deviate from its trajectory and too slow the rocket would just stall. Pressure inside the fuel tank would change as the volume of the fuel drop due to the usage and due to temperature; it gets colder up there. With the correct equipment and system, we could overcome all those circumstances.

Note: By rocket I’m referring to those that are used as weapon, rather than the infamous rocket that flies to outer space. Our studies are based on that type of rockets, which are mounted on jet fighter wings.

Equipment for Flying Vehicles Subject

Just started this subject this year. Last week, we learned about this rocket [russian]; how it flies, its trajectory, targeting. This subject is pretty much everything about controlling rockets and the how-tos.

I’ll stop here for now. Getting headaches already.