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Krisflyer Flight Redemption – Fuel Surcharge On My IST-KUL Flight | Ariff Shah

Krisflyer Flight Redemption – Fuel Surcharge On My IST-KUL Flight

Since my trip is less than a month, I needed to confirm my itinerary. Unfortunately, my waitlist for the return ticket from Istanbul is still on waitlist. Seems like it is taking longer than expected to confirm the seat. My wife and daughter’s tickets are already confirmed though. If you read my previous blogpost on Krisflyer Redemption, we had to split the booking in order to confirm the tickets. Only two can be confirmed at that time.

So I checked on Singapore Airline’s website and found out that there’s no longer flight availability for the IST-KUL route on that date, even if I’m paying for it, which means all seats in the Business Class are taken (?). That’s bad. If all seats are taken and tickets have been issued, they should just cancel any waitlist so that those people are notified about it and could plan something else.

Next best option is to book on Turkish Airlines which will definitely be confirmed due to plenty of availability. Downside of it is I will not able to land in Changi and hang out at the lounge as Turkish Airlines flies direct IST-KUL. Another downside is that I will be stranded alone at Ataturk Airport for at least another 10 hours before taking my flight as the wife & daughter’s flight will leave at 2.45pm on the 22nd. Since that’s the only option next to settling down in Istanbul, I went with it.

Called Krisflyer Singapore hotline. It took less than 15 minute on the phone to get the ticket booked. It came to the part where the operator mentioned that I need to pay some taxed and I somehow heard she quoted around two hundred something. Figured it was in MYR since the tax was around that figure for the KUL-IST flight.

Call ended and received the email with the ticket. To my surprise, the charges was in SGD. Fuel Surcharge / Transaction Fee (Code YR) was $199.50. That’s surprising. I thought only MAS charge hefty fuel surcharge for their redemption flights.

For those not in the know, YQ/YR fuel surcharge really was thought of as being a way for airlines to compensate for rising costs of fuel by raising the price of their ticket without raising fares. But today, despite the name, a “fuel surcharge” is not a bonus charge on your ticket meant to cover the cost of fuel; it’s just an extra way of getting revenue. In my case, Turkish Airlines is charging for this.

What’s more ridiculous is that the redemption rate is higher than on Singapore Airlines. The actual route IST-KUL via SIN on Singapore Airlines is only 45,000 for Saver but Turkish is charging me 50,000 Krisflyer points! And despite that 10% overcharging, I need to pay the fuel surcharge as well. It’s not like Turkish Airlines is more superior than Singapore Airlines that justifies the extra charge. They should be glad that Singapore Airlines are buying a Business Class seat from them, especially on IST-KUL route where the Business Class is usually never filled up.

Nevertheless, it’s a relief that my flight back has been taken care of. Now it’s just waiting for the trip. Can’t wait!