Understanding Krisflyer Redemption – How to Successfully Redeem Your Miles

Been playing arount with the Singapore Air website for the past three or four weeks to redeem our miles. I’m sure those managing the website will be surprised with the unusual traffic activities with my IP address, not to mention the calls we made each morning to the Krisflyer helpdesk.

We finally made a confirmed booking after around 20+ unsuccessful/waitlist/wrong booking. Don’t be surprised that even if you call the Krisflyer helpline to place a booking, the agent can still mess it up for you.

Here are some other things that may be useful when trying to redeem your Krisflyer miles.

Book Online

Booking online is always the best. There are several agents handling the hotline. The first one we had was helpful, sounds professional but he messed up our booking. Requested economy for a single leg (out of two) of the trip but ended with the both legs being economy. That had to be cancelled. Another one was that we requested final destination to be Cape Town but end up with Johannesburg instead.

There was also one of the agents not being fluent enough in English or probably designated to assist in another language but somehow had to answer our call.

At the end, we found our route online and managed to grab it without being waitlisted. Unfortunately, the site crashed before we could proceed with the tax payment. We called the helpline, provided the booking reference (once you have chosen your flights and click proceed, you will be assigned with a booking reference) and the agent managed to retrieve our booking and complete the redemption process.

Booked my flight separately after that via website and did not encounter any problems.

Split Your Flight

Trying to redeem the whole family on a route will definitely put you on waitlist. Understand this, the booking priority is always paying cutomers first and consequently redemptions with tier status and waitlist queue being taken into account.

Redeeming three tickets would be harder than going for two or a single tickets, so the best way to go around this is to split your bookings. This is tried and tested based on my previous booking. Waitlist status appears for a party of three but when I reduce to two, the flights can be confirmed right away.

Low Season Booking

This is a no brainer. Redeem for tickets during low season / non-school or public holidays and since it is Singapore Airlines, you really have to choose a good date for points redemption. SQ load factor is pretty good even on non-holidays.

Despatch A Chaser

Once waitlisted, what you can do is calling the hotline and request them to despatch a chaser for the booking. This is the only thing that you can do in order to expedite it.

Don’t know if it actually works, but I got the term while talking with one of the agents. So, yeah. Might as well give it a try. Will update if my CPT route is suddenly confirmed. I haven’t cancelled it yet.

Half Confirmed

If you have two or more leg of flights on a single journey, you might encounter one of the leg is confirmed while another is on waitlist. In my opinion, this half confirmed leg is better than having waitlist on both legs.

At least when the chaser goes to the revenue manager, they can argue that you already have some parts confirmed for the booking. This happens mostly on routes where the other leg is a short one such as SIN-KUL or JNB-CPT where they are using a small aircraft for that.

Another option to deal with this issue is that you can change to economy for the waitlisted leg and most probably you can get the confirmation straight away. This can only be done by calling the Krisflyer hotline.

Off The Beaten Path

Popular routes will usually get filled up fast thus resulting a waitlist regardless if it is still empty. Next best option other than booking low season is to choose less popular destination.

Think of something like Moscow (especially during winter :p), as per below. That’s for three person mind you, no waitlist, probably zero pax booked on Business.

Some routes however is not redeemable which can be a bit frustrating.

Go For Economy

Is else fails, the economy class will probably always be open due to high availability, regardless of how many person logically you want to redeem.

But why would you want to redeem your hard earned points on economy?

Partner Airlines

Don’t forget that you can still redeem your Krisflyer points on partner airlines easily. This however can only be done by the agent. Sometimes, there’s a high chance there’s a business class seat available on partner airlines. In my case, we had the confirmation on Turkish Airlines KUL-IST return on Business for the three of us without much hassle.

We did not go with it since they put us on a direct flight to KUL during return. We’d like to spend some time in Changi before heading back to KUL.

Partner airlines redemption costs more, in my case 10,000 Krisflyer points more than redemption on SQ. Good option for those who really want business class on a particular date and wouldn’t mind flying on any airline.


Despite all that I have mentioned above, it all comes down to SQ’s revenue strategy on whether they’d change something in the future that would affect the outcome, so all this is subject to change. However, some of what I’ve shared above is still logical and would hopefully assist you in redeeming your dream flight.