Kota Damansara is a Lousy Place to Stay

Well yes, at this moment the lousiest place to live in is Kota Damansara and this mainly has to do with the MRT project going on through this particular neighborhood.

I passed by Kota Damansara this evening from Jalan Sungai Buloh heading towards Sungai Penchala. Been a while since I last seen this place as I have been avoiding the hectic traffic along Persiaran Surian. I know that route would always be jammed but I still went along the route just for the sake of it.

Now it’s even worse and the road along Persiaran Surian is badly damaged by heavy vehicles and lorries passing. The traffic jam is one thing, the construction work going on adds up to the chaos.

But that’s one part of it. The other thing I wan’t to highlight about Kota Damansara is how the property value here has appreciated within one year. What is the effect of all the annoying construction to the property price there?

Some time last year, I was on the look out for medium cost apartment around Kota Damansara. The sole reason was the MRT passing through this township.


I was attracted with this D’Shire Villa Jalan Camar comdominium just behind Petronas at Persiaran Surian heading towards PJ. At that time, the units there were priced around RM300k – RM350k.

Then after passing by the place today, I was reminded about it and checked the asking price on Mudah. As expected, the asking price has increased to RM370k-RM430k. Auction price starting from RM350k. That’s at least 20% higher than what it was about a year ago.

You can curse all you want at the traffic jams caused by whatever development in the city but cursing alone won’t do a thing. Instead of cursing, go find some suitable property to invest in and reap the profit after a couple of years.

The government is spending billions to provide the facility. Of course there will be a spillover effect to the property surrounding the facilities.

As lousy as it is now, at least those living in Kota Damansara will have something to cheer about when all the dust has settled.