Kerja vs Bisnes

ariff shah - naurah

Genap dua bulan berhenti kerja. Here’s what I realize about working 9-5 vs doing own business.


  1. Fixed hours. Mostly touch and go. Balik rumah tak fikir sangat pasal kerja. Bila dah keluar ofis, tinggalkan semua kat sana. At least that was my job like.
  2. Fixed pay. Of course, fixed hours, fixed pay. Increment and bonus seems like something impossible to get even though your company is making billion euros in revenue.
  3. Boring. Office job memang boring especially when task yang kita dapat sama all year. Awal-awal dulu seronok la sebab belajar benda baru, bila belajar everything and learning curve starts to decrease, rasa bosan tu mula datang.
  4. No freedom. 9 hours duduk dalam office yang bosan will worn yourself down fast. Balik rumah nak rehat je. Bukan sebab badan penat tapi sebab nak release mental stress.
  5. Traffic jam. Everyday hadap traffic jam dua kali sehari. Another unnecessary stress. Yang naik public transport lagilah stress kalau hujan and ada breakdown.

Bila buat bisnes sendiri, not all seems too great. Yes, a lot of perks but a lot of other things as well.

  1. No fixed hours but you work all the time. Serious. The only time yang tak kerja is when you go on holiday macam cuti raya ni. Itu je. Kadang-kadang holiday pun jadi business trip, not all for leisure. Kat rumah memang everyday sampai malam talk about business and when you spouse is your business partner, this is unavoidable. Pagi, petang, siang malam sibuk or at least thing/talk about business. Never in my life. Ini perubahan paling besar lepas berhenti kerja.
  2. The best thing about business is when you do it right and hard, you will get a good result and usually good result can be measured from how much you make. Bear in mind this is not the only thing to focus on when doing business. Banyak lagi benda. Money will come when everything is done right.
  3. Not boring anymore. You learn anything and everything there is about your business and anything that relates to it. Huge learning curve. Even so, this can be good or bad. Contohnya, some things you can hire/pay other people to do and you can focus on what’s important. Saves a lot of time.
  4. You have all the freedom. Nah.. not necessarily. In a way or another you will still be tied up (with your business). Freedom ni in terms of nobody is telling you what not to do je. Still, a good thing.
  5. And yes. Ni paling penting. No fixed hours means you can plan when to go out at your own advantage. Percayalah bila saya cakap once you dah tak perlu tempuh traffic jam everyday, your mental health will improve a lot. You will be happier. In my case, awet muda. Haha

Not everything is sugar coated with bed of flowers along the way. Banyak cabaran dan banyak benda yang merisaukan kadang-kadang. You just need to keep pushing on.

But still, alhamdulillah. I’m blessed that I have this option. I’d rather not go back to working life, ever. Cukuplah for the past 4 years.