Hari Terakhir Kerja

This is how my last day at the work look like.


Dimulakan dengan bacaan Yaasin sebagai tanda kesyukuran untuk prestasi tahun lepas dan untuk memohon keberkatan untuk tahun baru. Semoga reach target lagi tahun ni.


Sementara tu skuad kambing yang diimport dari luar sedang melapah kambing dara yang baru sahaja siap dipanggang. Memang tak kusyuk baca Yaasin bila asap panggang kambing masuk dalam boardroom tadi.


Selesai baca Yaasin sementara menunggu semua orang turun. Hafiz a.k.a Ganu nampak tak sabar nak menjamu selera. Ganu ni batch mate Russian Program since 2005 lagi.


Tak dilupakan birthday cake untuk staf. Ada staf baru yang dah bertahun-tahun tak pernah diraikan on his birthday culture shock kejap bila company bagi cake untuk dia.


Bacaan doa makan. People will be surprised by the amount of makan-makan this company has in a year. We work hard, play hard (bowling, badminton, ping pong) and we eat a lot!


Head of Engineering Ir Nizam Nazar presenting me with a farewell gift and framed testimonial letter. Emosi kejap tadi. Don’t play-play with this guy. He moves mountains to ensure his plans for the company come true.

Saying goodbye to your current workplace is hard when you are already comfortable being there. Starting at a new place means taking up new challenges with new set of people and adapting to new set of rules, and that can be terrifing and challenging.

To sum up ADC, I believe it is a very good place to start working as a young engineer. If I had known this company earlier, I wouldn’t waste four months being unemployed back in 2012. Here, you are trained by very experienced people in the MRO industry. They let you handle your own projects by giving you enough freedom so that you’d become capable and independent.

Thank you for everything. I’ll make you guys proud.