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Alcom +71% | Ariff Shah

Alcom +71%

Alhamdulillah. Record breaking capital appreciation of 71% within less than two months. Bought at 1.33 on 15 May and highest price sold at RM2.28 on Friday, 30 June.

Entered Alcom due to announcement of 20 cent dividend. Mind you, that is a lot at the back of RM1.33 share price. My PetronM priced at RM7.00 (at the time of writing) is giving out the same 20 cent dividend. Only those who don’t know how to count won’t buy at that RM1.30-ish level. 20 cents at RM1.33 is around 15% dividend yield.

On top of that, they also announced a capital repayment of 30 cents per share which brings the total ‘cashback’ of 50 sen per share. How exciting is that? The ex-date is yet to be announced though. With that kind of cashback, your risk in investing in this stock is severely reduced.

Alcom was highlighted in the special group that I mentioned previously. I believe not everybody in the group made money with Alcom despite it being highlighted. Stock investing needs knowledge, skill and experience. Even when thorough analysis is presented, if you don’t have the right knowledge and experience, you wouldn’t see the potential and would miss the opportunity.

I have been advocating young people to start ‘playing’ in the stock market for the past several years already. It won’t make you rich instantly but as you accumulate experience, sooner or later you’ll get a hold of it.

So please, learn something and take action. A lot of people actually bought the stock trading ebook via this blog and even wrote to me about their desire to invest in stock. Not sure if they actually did something about it..