Shinjiru Hosting Review

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I’m hosting my blog with Shinjiru and I could say I’m satisfied with its’ service in terms of customer support.

Yesterday, there was a tremendous slow down accessing blog.ariff. I lasted about a couple of hours before the server went totally down around 2 a.m Malaysian time. An hour later, the server was up again but still having the same problem.

So I thought, MAYBE it was caused by some scheduled maintenance being done at that time, less people in Asia would be having troubles accessing the sites hosted by Shinjiru. I contacted Shinjiru asking for any possibilities I could relocate my server to Europe instead. It was around 6 a.m.

40 minutes later, I got a reply for my support ticket. They explained that they are having some hardware issues which caused the difficulties accessing sites hosted by Shinjiru  from overseas. I guess their 24/7 support can be trusted.

Now everything is back to normal again. So, for that I’m recommending Shinjiru for those looking for hosting or will be renewing your hosting. Tell you what, if you register through my affilliate link, I will return a portion of your money as a rebate. With that I guess you could get cheaper hosting cost.

The amount varies, the more I get through my affiliate program, the more you will get back. Just leave a comment below to get to me. We can discuss this through and through.

By Ariff

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