Random Ramblings On Raya Eve

For once I thought I might have to wait till forever to be happy. U see living in Moscow is not at all a great experience. Life there sucks to the max. The people there are rude, violent, impolite and selfish. I could relate this kind of syndrom in everyday life here in Malaysia. Some started to follow suit this kind of bad attitude towards other human being especially in the urban areas. Maybe it’s because of the fact that living in the city is hard.

I have this one wish that if I can ask a favor from someone powerful enough, I’d ask to be placed somewhere else other than Russia. You see I got this news just now that I have to freakin’ relocate to a new room just because some bugger came from Malaysia (most probably they are married) to .. I don’t know. Sorry if that person is reading this, but yeah you’ve made my miserable life in Moscow even more miserable.

Don’t ever think life in this world is fair because it never is. Life will try you at different stages on different occasions. Life will sometimes fail you and choke you like you’re drowning but alive at the same time. Life is cruel. People survive because they have willpower and motivation to live on. Those two came from their beliefs (religion) and their loved ones. Being lonely spells disaster to men. You just need a loved one to be focus. Ambition alone is sometimes never enough.

Apart from that, life is cherished when there is love. Love is a mystery. Love brings the sense of belonging, thus you won’t be lonely. Love is a life support and a drug as well. You need it but as you got more, you’d become addicted to it. Once it stops, you’ll lost your direction, you’ll lost your faith in life. Don’t ever be out of love.


Random ramblings. I’m pissed and happy as well today. Don’t know why. Comment section is closed for this entry but if you have something intelligent to share albeit this not so intelligent entry, mail it to me@ariffshah.com. Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri, Maaf Zahir & Batin. Enjoy Raya while it lasts. Take care!

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