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Portfolio 2017 Stock Pick Update – May | Ariff Shah

Portfolio 2017 Stock Pick Update – May

Just an update for my 2017 would-have portfolio. This is the portfolio for 2017 that I would create if I have the RM100,000 cash. The goal is to see whether the stocks in this portfolio is a superstar stock within 2017. No adjustment can be made except for corporate exercises (dividend, split, bonus issue, etc). Only 30% capital maximum allowed to be invested into one stock/warrant and a minimum of 5 different stock/warrant must be maintained in this portfolio.

As of 30 April 2017, portfolio gained 41.79% in equity value and cash RM654.50 from dividend. Fantasticly outperforming unit trust funds without much effort.

Aemulus (Non-Syariah) surpassed 100% gain this month maintaining it’s position as the top performer. I believe it will continue to climb in near term. Ghlsys catching up with 75% gain. Not sure if it has any more serious upside in the short term. Definitely will be higher towards the end of the year.

Hsplant still has not moved much due to CPO decline. Lembaga Tabung Haji seems like averaging up its holdings in this company. Muhibah and Yeelee done fairly so far.

Probably there will not be much movement in this porfolion within the next 3-4 months. Let’s hope it holds its gains throughout this period.

P.s. If you have been following my stock invesment updates, you’ll notice that I had mentioned some good performing companies such as PetronM, Dnex (via twitter) and Ghlsys. Truthfully and since now I can reveal this fact, I had some help in the process of choosing these stocks. If you are a stock investor and would like to get the some for your portfolio and stock investment, write to me at admin [at]

Just note that I will only entertain those who are already investing in stocks, not newcomers looking to open an account.