Will Petronas Join Lotus 1Malaysia F1?

The Malaysian sponsor Petronas is likely to stay with its long term F1 partner Sauber now that Toyota has withdrawn from Formula One.

With Sauber’s plans uncertain following BMW’s decision to quit, it had been rumoured that Petronas intended to stay in F1 next year by switching to another team.

Lotus, with Malaysian ownership, was touted as a favourite to receive Petronas, and team boss Tony Fernandes confirmed to the New Straits Times newspaper that an approach was made.

“As it is, it looks like an announcement will be made by Petronas in the coming days once it becomes clearer whether that vacancy left by Toyota becomes Sauber’s,” said a source.

“If Sauber are back in F1 for sure, and it looks a virtual certainty, then Petronas aren’t going anywhere.”

I say petronas will join Lotus, no matter whether Sauber is back in next season’s F1 or not.

2 Joining Lotus 1Malaysia F1 team is a financially wise strategy because Petronas as a Malaysian company should join a Malaysian F1 team. Period.