Now Approved

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So what’s up?

Actually my exams are not over yet. That’s the worst thing currently happening in my life. Got one test left and I have to sit for it next week.

Just got the word this morning about the engineering course in Russia is now JPA approved and the Russian diplom with qualification as specialist here will be translated into a Master’s degree in Malaysia. That’s a relief. At least kalau keje biasa-biasa pun, gaji tu dapat lebih la sikit daripada orang yang ade degree.

Sabtu and ahad jamuan raya lagi. Yang bagusnya dapat makan free la kan. Tak payah nak susah-susah masak tapi yang lecehnya bila batch sendiri yang organize jamuan raya tu. Nak study lagi.. nak tolong masak lagi.. Penat~

Duit tak masuk lagi. Tolong!