Digi Broadband NOT Covered

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I was browsing for broadband internet and found out that Digi’s broadband package is quite good. So I decided to check for the coverage in my are. Unfortunately, USJ12/2B is not covered. Darn!

Speaking about internet broadband in Malaysia, seriously we are not doing well in this industry. Due to our poor service and presentation, the broadband penetration rate in Malaysia is suffering badly. People are getting disappointed with the internet broadband service and being put off by the unaffordable prices for the not-so-unlimited packages offered.

The problem here lies in the hands of TM, as the nation’s sole provider of wired broadband services. TM needs to effectively address all issues and problems with their network and improve their internet service. If TM succeed in providing better internet services to their customers, then I guess all these mobile internet (3G, Wimax, etc) services will be repackaged and offered at reasonable prices.

By Ariff

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