Best Strategy to Invest Monthly?

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Kenapa nak invest monthly?

  • Invest small amount monthly less risk berbanding lump sum big amount.
  • Sesuai untuk semua orang, tak perlu modal besar.

What is my strategy?

My advise, start monthly investment masa market start jatuh. Now market jatuh.

Historically, paling lama jatuh is 4 years. This time around, we suggest do monthly investment for 3 years only.

Same strategy, RM300/month invested during 2007 financial crisis.

After 3 years, stop the monthly investment and let the investment grow for at least another 3 years.

If you still want to invest, we will advise what is suitable at that time.

As market recovers, your investment during bad time will grow because you have bought a lot of investments units when price is cheap.

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