1Malaysia F1 Team

I don’t get it why there are so much naysayers talking bull and crap about this project. Really, it is already all figured out.

Lotus has been one of the constructors in the earlier years of F1, even has 7 times constructor’s champion title with them.

Malaysian government have money. They seriously need to improve Proton, thus by investing into an F1 team, Malaysian engineers will be able to join the F1 team. With that, there will be transfer of technology from Lotus to Proton.

Malaysian companies such as AirAsia and  Naza Group need exposure in the global arena. Through the F1 team, they could easily achieve that because F1 viewership is worldwide.

Actually it is a win-win. To get more value out of this, I’d suggest the government to open up opportunities for Malaysian students to do their internship with the F1 team. For a start, it does not have to be a lot, maybe 1-2 slots for each department and giving emphasis towards the engineering department. Believe me, this is a golden opportunity to get more of our students exposed to new technologies.

So what could go wrong?

Incapable driver.Newbies~

Incapable car? Maybe not up to par to challenge with more advanced car like Ferrari.

Funding? Money is always the problem because the more you have the better. Having lots of funding enables more research and develops more infrastructure (wind tunnel). Also more training session for the driver. The team needs more multinational companies as their sponsor.

It would be real fun if I could join the team since my specialization includes hydraulics and pneumatics subjects. Already in my second year learning those subjects. I always wanted to be an F1 engineer.

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