UniFi High Speed Broadband Price Compared to the Russian's HSBB

I love to do comparisons like this. This shows how ridiculous we are paying for a service that is already damn cheap in other countries. Why Russia? Based on the corruption rate, governance & people, I guess Russia is worse than Malaysia but if Malaysia does not want to improve, then I can see Malaysia turning into Russia. Believe me.

[table id=4 /]

UniFi packages price can be checked at UniFi.my while price list for Corbina is here.

Clearly we are still a big LOSER. For your information, living costs in Russia is almost double the living costs in Malaysia (food, rent) BUT ordinary workers are paid well. Example, for a bus driver, he could get around 1000USD and up to 2000USD per month. Yes, Russia is not a very desired country to live in, but people here have more vaalue from the money the get. (See Purchase Power Parity chart)

So yes, we should do better. Don’t just shout out figures about billions of funds are allocated for this project but shout something like “free broadband for all” kind of thing. Malaysians deserve the oil that flows beneath our oceans, not just the VIPs.