The Importance of SEO Optimized WordPress Themes

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To WordPress users, WordPress themes are just as important as a great attire for a girl to wear on a party. The theme chosen should be attractive, multi-functional and most important optimized for search engine discovery. A WordPress theme that is already SEO optimized does the job well in getting traffic from search engines because they are coded correctly (not going to elaborate more on this because it is all technical) and complies with all sorts of rules exist for theme coders to follow. This helps you to get the organic traffic you needed thus maximizing your earnings at the same time. With an SEO optimized theme you have an edge against other bloggers out there.

Before I got this cool premium WordPress theme from Pro Theme Desirgn, I’ve been using free themes that is already approved by the professionals back at Theme Grade. They did a great job doing tests for themes created by developers and grading them based on how well the WordPress themes are desiged, coded and optimized in SEO. Of course for best result and functionality, the Gold themes are the best choices but then again I must say most of the themes that are listed at Theme Grade are not pretty bad after all.

Grungemag theme used by Denaihati, a Gold graded theme

Apart from grading WordPress themes, those kind people at Theme Grade occasionally do premium WordPress theme giveaways. Themes that are priced at $69 (that’s RM200+ mind you) are given away just like that to lucky people visiting there. This is the best opportunity to get your hands on that premium WordPress theme you have been eying for quite some time. So yeah, head up there and check out what’s happening. You might be lucky.





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  1. Jack Avatar

    Great. Thanks for the info.

  2. Maliq Avatar

    Sharins is caring and daring

  3. khai wan Avatar

    sharing is caring..
    .-= Cerita terbaru khai wan.. Belajar menulis blog =-.

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    nice to be here…. thanks for share

  6. RozaniGhani Avatar

    ariff ko dah menang pun. check la theme grade. kalau dah PR2 confirm menang.
    .-= Cerita terbaru RozaniGhani.. Trend Penggunaan WordPress Mystique Theme di Malaysia =-.

    1. ariff Avatar

      Takde reply lagi. Nak theme tu cepat2. haha~

  7. denaihati Avatar

    Macam biasa tengok je theme ni…

  8. mokteh Avatar

    tak faham…maksud nya theme pun kalau di ‘SEO’ kan lagi senang/banyak dapat trafik ke?
    macam tu ke
    .-= Cerita terbaru mokteh.. Finally at Home: Home Sweet Home! =-.

  9. mr.mind Avatar

    actually i don’t really understand about SEO, but I had heard it before….How about blogger user?
    .-= Cerita terbaru mr.mind.. Pundi ku penuh =-.

    1. ariff Avatar

      er. Blogger user kena tanya Kujie atau Melromeo. Jumpa Mel kirim salam cakap Ariff Shah yang rekemen =)

  10. Syafrizal Avatar

    Tema WordPress memang nampak lagi professional dan mesra SEO.
    Selalu premium2 punya tema ni memang dah set untuk SEO dan optimisekan design dia.
    Tu yg best tu.
    .-= Cerita terbaru Syafrizal.. Kegunaan Google Reader untuk blogger =-.

  11. Zaki Helmi Avatar
    Zaki Helmi

    Ko nak jadikan blog ni dwibahasa ke?

    Btw, aku tak dapat access sitemap blog ko. Ada apa2 masalah ke?

    1. ariff Avatar

      Takdelah dwibahasa terus, tapi occasionally aku nak gak tulis in English. Aku tulis ni dapat premium theme nanti ^^

      1. Zaki Helmi Avatar
        Zaki Helmi

        Personally aku rasa ok je kalau ada jugak post in english. Macam dulu2. Oh ya, lagi satu. Tadi bila aku google “Ariff Shah” page ko dah jadi no. 1 dalam search result. Dah lama ke? Kira dah berjaya la matlamat ko nak kalahkan mamat BN tu.

        1. ariff Avatar

          Ye ke? Wah2. Not bad. Aku dah lupa nak check pasal tu.

    2. ariff Avatar

      Sitemap tu pun pelik. Tiba2 je jadi macam tu