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I was surprised with this new feature Tweetmeme recently adopted. All Tweets that go through its ReTweet button will automatically be translated into English. That means your entry title is prone to screw ups and ridiculousness of Google Translate translating every word directly into English. I know it is a good idea to go global by using English but then again I don’t target readers from other countries to read my blog. The content in my blog is not relevant for the international audience thus making this feature useless and/or if not causes me loss of traffic because of the gibberish translation Google Translate made for the tweet.

The only way to disable this feature for now is to manually opt out from this auto translate feature for every tweets made but I don’t think people would have the time to actually recheck the retweet pop up box when retweeting. I have contacted Tweetmeme about this and they replied that they are working on an opt out solution for users registered with Tweetmeme. Don’t know how long would this take but I surely hope this will be as soon as possible.

By Ariff

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  1. Perasan gak tadi try retweet entri,sekali bahasa inggeris daa…by the way layan je la

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