Withdraw Paypal Funds to Malaysian Bank Account

Reading Time: < 1 minute Yes. It is now possible to do that. Just log in to your Paypal account, click withdraw and follow the instructions there. The good thing is, it is easier to cash out your money. The bad thing is, it will be hard to look for really cheap Paypal funds anymore. Darn.

Dimpled Body for Airplanes

Reading Time: 2 minutes Watch this video first. [megavideo PMB935S8] The Mythbusters later tested the golf ball theory on a real car by attaching padding made from clay on the car body and later on dimpled the padding. They got better mileage from the ‘dimpled’ car in comparison to the smooth surface car. At the end, the concluded this… Continue reading Dimpled Body for Airplanes

NBA Top 10 Play Pre-Season

Reading Time: < 1 minute I really miss high school basketball. If I knew that I’d play basketball less now, I’d probably not accept this course in the first place. And proud to say that I’ve done number 7 in a real match.