Budapest, Hungary

Jarang dengar orang Malaysia pergi Budapest. Kalau takde sebab nak ke sini, memang tak datang. Yang betul-betul travel bug je akan melawat kota ni. Samalah macam saya. Oleh sebab itu, saya mulakan travel report saya dengan Budapest. Nanti share pasal lokasi lain dalam blogpost seterusnya.

Europe 2016 – Italy, Hungary & France

Leaving next week for our trip to Europe. Last time I was in that part of the world was during my final year in Moscow. That’s like four years ago. Yeah. Been a while. First time for Naurah on a long trip long flight like this. Not sure how it’s going to be, but it surely will be fun.

However, this trip is more for business purposes rather than pleasure. What to do right? Economy is not that great. No longer have the pleasure to travel for the sake of taking a holiday. Good enough that we manage to travel while working.